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Lenticular Offerings
We offer standalone lencitular products for consumers and resellers. Click on the logo to view the products we are offering.
Stereo-Man Magazine
We are now offering HDTV-sized picture sets with our partners at AB3D Creative, publishsers of Stereo-Man 3D Magazine. Click on the logo to view the products available for purchase.
We are pleased to refer you to these books and apps by members of the 3D Photography Forum.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I view 3D picture sets? There are a number of ways to view 3D photos. The easiest ways on a computer monitor are anaglyph (red/cyan glasses), and cross-eyed or parallel. There are, however, an increasing number of consumer 3D products, starting with HDTV sets. Many new sets now have 3D capability. Check your TV's manual for details, but most likely they'll take a .MPO or a .JPS file, both of which are provided in our downloadable picture sets.
What are lenticular prints? Lenticular prints are 3D prints you hold in your hand. They require no glasses and are simply a collection of closely spaced pictures interlaced and overlayed with a special plastic lens. Think of 3D baseball cards, except better. We only sell very high-quality 3D lenticular prints advertised on this site.

ThreeDee.me is owned and operated by ZPartners and is a sister company to Stock3DPhotos.com. This site sells 3D images that have consumer appeal, alone and in partnership wtih other companies. We also offer products for resale in various industries, including events such as weddings. These are typically lenticular images from an existing library.

For a la carte lenticular services, please directly contact Z-Axis Prints, our lenticular printing partner.

For 3D stock photos, please visit www.stock3dphotos.com.